The Public Works Facilities
are located at 411 Chimney Rock Rd., Bridgewater

See below for more information about Public Works.

Useful Guidelines

Brush Pickup Schedule
Please take a look at the Public Works Calendar for dates of Pick Ups.
In Accordance with Bound Brook Borough Ordinances
Grass and Yard debris (small twigs, clippings, weeds, flowers etc) may be taken to Natures Choice in Bridgewater, 136 Foothill Road – Monday – Friday   7:30 AM-3:45 PM  Saturday 8 AM -1:30 PM. – 732-469-1500
Brush is to be tied and bundled in six foot lengths not to exceed 25 pounds. Brush will be picked up according to the Public Works Calendar link on the right hand side.
Leaves will be collected Mid October through Mid December and are to be placed in biodegradable paper leaf bags. Leaves will be picked up according to the to the Public Works Calendar link on the right hand side.
After December  leaves may be taken to Natures Choice in Bridgewater.
Placement of leaves in the curb line is in violation of Borough Ordinance 29-4.2 and may carry a fine of $100.00. You have 48 hours to remove the leaves from the curb or face penalties as outlined in the ordinance.
If you would like to print out the Sticker Guide please click on the words STICKER GUIDE below to go to the document.

$3.50 per Sticker Cash or Check to be purchased from Tax Office
BULK ITEMS                                    
  Mattresses – see below
     Twin/Full – 3
     Queen/King – 4
     Box Spring – 4
 Recliner or Stuffed Chair – 4
 Desk – 5
 Sofa – 4
 Sleep Sofa – 6
  Loveseat – 3
   (up to 12 ft per 36 in. section) – 2
 Floor Lamp – 2
 Table Lamp – 1
 Kitchen Table – 2
 Folding Table – 2
 Kitchen or Folding Wood Chair – 1
 End Table – 2
 Entertainment Unit – 3
 Toilet (porcelain) – 3
 Sink (porcelain) – 3
 Vacuum Cleaner – 1

















































Metal pick up MUST be scheduled.  You do not need stickers, but you need to tell us your address. Metal Items are picked up on the third Friday of each month.  Call 732-356-0833 X635.
*Items containing Freon must have the Freon removed by a licensed contractor and have the certification of removal affixed to the item before scheduling pickup. We are not permitted to dump these items without this certificate. For Freon Removal – call Paul Spinello – 908-753-5520.
Solid Waste Collection Service (Peter Rubinetti Private Disposal, LLC ) will collect Two (2) Cans or bags per week.
See the schedule of days your street or section will be picked up HERE.
If a Can is Over the bag or can limit, it will require stickers.  The container is not to exceed 40 gallon capacity with two handles and a lid. If the garbage is placed in bags, a sticker must be affixed.  The sticker is to be placed in a visible location. Trash will not be picked up without a sticker.
During the month of  July, August, December, Contractor will collect Three (3) cans of household trash.
Your garbage is to be placed curbside no earlier than 6:00 PM on the evening before your scheduled pick up.  Garbage pick up begins at 5:00 AM on scheduled day.
RECYCLING SCHEDULE – (County Recycling – 732-469-3363)
Pick up at curbside in designated containers on a schedule posted by Somerset County. Please click HERE to see the 2018 Recycling Schedule.
The Whole Town of Bound Brook has their recycling picked up every other Wednesday:
 January 3, 17, 31
 July 5, 18
 February 14, 28
 August 1, 15, 29
 March 14, 28
 Sept. 12, 26
 April 11, 25
 Oct. 10, 24
 May 9, 23
 Nov. 7, 21
 June 6, 20
 Dec. 5, 19
Consumer Electronics will not be picked up. They must be taken to the Bound Brook Public Works Facility at 411 Chimney Rock Road, Bridgewater, NJ. There are 2 E-Waste Containers between Buildings B & C. Weekday Drop Off – Monday through Friday 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.|

7 AM to 3 PM
Vincent Orofino
Council Liaison: Robert Dixon
Committee MembersVinnie Petti, Brad Galeta

The Department of Public Works is responsible for all areas of the Borough including maintaining the Municipal Building, streets and roads, grass cutting and maintenance of parks and playgrounds, storm sewer and sanitary sewer maintenance, signs, and snow plowing.
The areas of responsibility of the Department of Public Works include:
Christmas Tree Removal
Snow Removal
Street Sweeping
Pot Hole Maintenance
Tree Trimming and Removal
Yard Debris/Branch Pick Up
Leaf Pick Up
Metal Pick Up
Library Repairs and some Maintenance
Parking Meter Repairs