The Planning Board reviews commercial and residential applications and site-plans for development to be in compliance with zoning laws and the Master plan. They make sure the Master Plan is consistent with the Borough’s development needs. The Planning Board also grants major and minor property subdivisions.

The Planning Board generally meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building. 


Official Newspapers:
Courier News
Star Ledger

Planning Board Secretary

Jasmine Mathis

Board Members

Mayor Robert P. Fazen Cl.1, Term 2023

Linda Brnicevic Cl. 4, Term 2022

Michael Witt, Chair Cl. 4, Term 2024

Scott Sloan Cl. 4, Term 2024

Dr. Wale Adewunmi Cl. 4, Term 2024

Jame Ayotte Cl., Term 2022

Keith Krauser Cl. 4, Term 2022

Howard Wagner Cl. 4, Term 2024

Dominic Macamenco Alt. 1, Term 2023

Mark Speed Alt. 2, Term 2022


Board Professionals

Attorney –
Engineer –
Planner –