Commuter Parking


Municipal Lot #1 – Metered Parking $ .50 per hour (white spaces only)

Municipal Lot #2 – Commuter Parking $50 per month (green spaces only)

Municipal Lot #3 – Daily Parking Permits via Pay Station in lot from 5 am – 1 am – $4.00/day

Municipal Lot #5  – Archie’s Parking Lot – $90 per month (yellow spaces only)

Municipal Lot #6 – Kurtz’s Parking Lot – Pay Station – $4.00 for twenty four hours (white spaces only)

Monthly 24 Hour Parking Permits – $90.00/month (yellow spaces only)

Monthly Parking in “Permit Parking” Spots Only. Parking Hang Tag should be hung on the rear view mirror only with the month clearly visible. Do not display more than one hang tag. Vehicles must have a current hang tag in order to park in the designated “Permit parking only” area. Hang tags can be renewed for more than one month at a time. All hang tags are to be purchased at Borough Hall, either in person or by mail, or online payments now available, see below.
No payments will be taken by the Parking Attendant.
If you choose to renew by mail, please enclose a self-addresssed stamped envelope.
The check should be payable to the “Borough of Bound Brook” and mailed to:

230 Hamilton Street
Bound Brook, NJ 08805

If there is any change in your information on the application, please call us with changes. If you will not be using the parking lot for a certain part of the month, you must still pay for the month or risk losing your space.

NEW PAY ONLINE – You may also choose to pay online, click the link below. 

Resident Parking Permits

There are different Ordinances for Residents, depending on where you live for Parking Permits.
No person/persons shall park a vehicle on streets or parts of streets as described within the Ordinance unless an appropriate and current Parking Permit (hang tag) that is issued by the Borough of Bound Brook. Parking Permits with Resident address on it shall be displayed on rear view mirror of the vehicle clearly visible to an officer enforcing parking regulations.
Please click on the link below to read the Ordinance with different street specifics.

Visitor Parking Permits

A resident who is having a visitor at their house for a specific amount of time would need the visitor’s vehicle to display a current visitor parking permit. Such visitors may park on any of the controlled streets provided that the operator of the vehicle is a bona fide guest of the residence within the permit parking area. The visitor’s permit (hang tag) shall be obtained from the Borough of Bound Brook’s Clerk’s Office. Visitor Parking Permits shall be displayed on rear view mirror of the vehicle with address of the Resident clearly visible to an officer enforcing parking regulations.