Violations Bureau Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Credit Cards (Visa only accepted with proper identification).

Court Sessions are held: Tuesdays
12 Noon for First Appearances
1:30 p.m. for Contested matter with Attorneys

3 p.m. for Contested Matter (ProSe).

You can pay your traffic, parking fines, and criminal time-payments online using a credit card.

This service is provided through NJMCdirect.

Contact Information

Municipal Court Judge
Michael Fedun, J.M.C.

Court Administrator
Valerie Vazquez

Deputy Court Administrator
Jessica Mellow Griggs

Violations Clerk

Municipal Court Prosecutor
John E. Bruder, Esq.

Municipal Court Public Defender
Robert D. Spengler, Esq.
(732) 537-1700

Bound Brook Municipal Court

Fee Schedule

Ordinance Number Description Amount
Traffic Section
7-9A Emergency- No Parking $60.00
7-10A Snow Emergencies – Parking Prohibitions $60.00
7-11 Stopping/Standing Prohibited Certain Streets $50.00
7-11-1 No Stopping/Standing Except for School Buses $50.00
7-12 Parking Time Limited on Certain Streets $50.00
7-13 No Parking During Street Cleaning $50.00
7-14 Prohibited Parking All Times Certain Streets $50.00
7-15 Parking Prohibited During Certain Hours $50.00
7-16 Prohibited Parking of Certain Vehicles $60.00
7-17D.1 Resident Parking by Permit Only $50.00
7-17D.2 Misuse of Residential Permit $50.00
7-40.1.B.1 Improper Display of Parking Permit Hag Tag $30.00
7-40.1.B.2 Overtime Parking at Meter in Permit Lot $30.00
7-40.1.B.3 Overtime Parking at Meter in Municipal Lot $30.00
7-40.1.C Parking in Undesignated Areas in Parking Lot $30.00
7-40.1.D Permit Parking Prohibited in Metered Spaces $30.00
7-41.4.A Overtime Parking on Street (Meters) $30.00
7-41.4.B Meter Feeding (All Streets/All Municipal Lots) $30.00
7-41.4.D Improper Parking $30.00
7-41.4.G No Parking at Inoperable Meters (streets & Lots) $30.00
Non Traffic Section
5-2.1 Failure to Obtain Dog License $125.00
5-7.1 Dog License Registration Tab Must be worn by dog $125.00
5-18.2 Failure to Obtain Cat License $50.00
26-6.1 Failure to Remove Ice/Snow from Sidewalks $125.00
26-6.2 Casting of Snow/Ice Upon Street Prohibited $125.00



Purpose: To provide for a uniform standard for Municipal Court adjournment requests from participants and attorneys for both trials and hearings. This policy shall be administered with equal courtesy and respect to all parties.

Policy: All matters will proceed on the scheduled date unless, prior to said

date, there is an emergency that does not allow you to appear in court.  Proof of that emergency must be provided to the court before or a day after the court session to prevent from a bench warrant being issued. This policy applies to the Bound Brook Municipal Court only. Adjournments of trials shall not be granted as a matter of course. It shall be presumed that the time and date set forth in the trial notice are firm and final.  If there is a scheduling conflict with another court, you must provide a copy of that notice to our court for review.  If our matter is a DWI case and the violation date is older than your other court, please note we take precedence and the adjournment request will be denied.

DWI: Special attention shall be paid to DWI matters ensuring that all such matters are disposed of as reasonably close to the suggested guideline of 60 days as possible.  Adjournments that cause delays past that time frame are to be granted only for the most valid and compelling reasons.

First Appearances – all defendants with court mandatory matters must appear for their arraignment.  First appearances will not be waived for anyone unless the requests falls under the allowable reasons listed below.  If  Counsel has been retained by a defendant, the defendant must still appear in court for their first appearance, the Attorney’s appearance is not required.

Unrepresented defendants at first appearance shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time to obtain counsel if so desired.

All requests for an adjournment are to be in writing and submitted to the court at least 4 business days prior to the scheduled court date (if not possible, emergent reasons should be indicated).  All requests are to contain a name, address, telephone and fax number.   Requests are to contain the reason for the adjournment with back-up if required.

 Acceptable reasons for adjournment:

  • Unavailability due to pre-planned, pre-paid vacation, conference, etc;
  • Sudden illness of a party, witness or attorney (in appropriate cases, a medical certificate may be required);
  • Conflicts in an attorney’s schedule that cannot be resolved after good faith efforts by that attorney;
  • Conflicts with the Superior Court of that vicinage (liaisons with each judge has been distributed to the municipal court staff, copy enclosed);
  • Inability to obtain or review discovery only if it is demonstrated that defense or defense counsel made timely requests and paid any required fees for such discovery;
  • Such other reasons as deemed appropriate by the executive component of that court.
  • Adjournment requests shall be reviewed and assessed based on the content and detail of the written submission.
  • The request from counsel should indicate that the adversary has been notified (and if consent has been given), the witnesses have been notified (witnesses should be listed), and the age of the case.
  • It will not be presumed that an adjournment has been granted because a request has been submitted.
  • It will be the responsibility of the court to contact the party to inform him/her if the request has been granted and if so, the new court date and time.
  • The use of “Ready Holds” should be granted based upon attorney requests to facilitate the timely movement of cases. (If Court can accommodate)
  • No weapons are permitted in the court room or the municipal building.


  • Please remain seated quietly in the court room.  Proceedings are taped and any background noise man cause interference on the tapes.  Talking or moving about unnecessarily may be considered disruptive.


  • Please avoid bringing small children to court.  If you must bring them, be prepared to wait outside the court room until your case is called.


  • Wear suitable clothing to court.  Shirts and shoes are required.  Hats are not permitted.


  • Food, drink, gum chewing, books, cameras, radios, cell phones and beepers are not permitted in the court room.  Newspaper and magazine reading are not permitted when court in is session.


  • Smoking is prohibited by law in all government buildings.

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