Main Number – 732-356-0833 +extension

Fax Number – 732-356-8990


Title Name Email Phone
Borough Administrator Hector Herrera 732-893-8520 or Ext. 631
CFO Natasha Turchan 732-356-0833 Ext. 638
Borough Clerk / Assistant Administrator Jasmine D. Mathis 732-893-8509 or Ext. 646
Deputy Clerk 732-893-8515 or Ext. 610
General Clerk/Registrar Maritza Arias 732-893-8502 or Ext. 635
Tax Collector/Tax Clerk Cindy Griffith 732-893-8510 or Ext. 636
Finance Clerk Jodi Schnieder 732-893-8516 or Ext. 637
Tax Assessor Michael Imbriaco 732-893-8511 or Ext. 632
Superintendent of Public Works/ Project Manager Dale Leubner 732-356-0833 or Ext. 633
Court Administrator Valerie Vazquez 732-893-8522 or Ext. 629
Deputy Court Administrator Jessica Mellow- Griggs 732-893-8523 or Ext. 644
Violations Clerk 732-893-8512 or Ext. 640
Director/Code Enforcement/Property   Maintenance Joseph Costa 732-893-8504 or Ext. 642
Construction/Building Sub Code Official Jim Ayotte 732-893-8504 or Ext. 630
Technical Assistant Joanne Awtry 732-893-8503 or Ext. 630
Zoning Officer Leticia Rodriguez 732-893-8517 or Ext. 641
Fire Sub-Code Official Karl W. McAleer 732-893-8503 or Ext. 630
Fire Marshal 732-893-8507 or Ext. 639
Fire Prevention 732-893-8507 or Ext. 639
 Fire Marshal/Housing Inspector Erik Mickelsen 732-893-8507 or Ext. 639
Property Maintenance Inspector Tyler Gronau 732-893-8507 or Ext. 639
Electrical Sub-Code Official John Elichko 732-893-8503 or Ext. 630
Plumbing Sub-Code Official Stephen Rodzinak 732-893-8503 or Ext. 630
Building Inspector Frank Laguarina 732-893-8503 or Ext. 630
Property Maintenance Inspector Jose Nieves 732-893-8507 or Ext. 639
Borough Professionals Name Location
Municipal Attorney DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP Paramus
Municipal Engineer T&M Associates Middletown
Municipal Auditor HSuplee, Clooney & Company Westfield
Municipal Bond Counsel Wilentz, Attorney’s at Law Woodbridge
Municipal Grant Writer Millennium Strategies Caldwell
Municipal Labor Counsel DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP Paramus
Municipal Tax Appeal Counsel Eric M. Bernstein & Associates, LLC Warren
Municipal Prosecutor John E. Bruder, Esq. Bound Brook
Municipal Public Defender Robert Spengler, Esq. Bound Brook
Municipal Judge Michael Fedun, Esq. Belle Meade