History of Bound Brook Police Department


The Bound Brook Police Department was formed on January 21, 1913 on a motion by Councilman William F. Nash which was approved by the Bound Brook Borough Council “to establish, equip, and regulate a police department and to adopt rules for its government – and to fix and enforce penalties for the violation of said rules.”  The ordinance which was introduced on January 9, 1913 took effect immediately after its second and final reading.  On February 19, 1913 Officers Frank Gregory, Charles Bohler, and Michael Graziano were hired as the first police officers for $60 per month, joining Marshalls Andrew Flammer, Stanley D. Brampton, Jas. J. McCormack, and Peter Obrien.  The first department rules & regulations were formally adopted on March 7, 1913.  There were initially 20 rules. 


The department was initially overseen by Borough Clerk Stanley Brampton.  The budget for the police department in 1913 was $ 2500.  On April 6, 1915 Clerk/Marshall Brampton was officially appointed as the first Chief of Police.  The first jail cells were purchased in October of 1915 and were installed in the basement of the Ivy Hook & Ladder Firehouse “to hold disorderly persons to sober up if inebriated so that they could be released in the morning or transferred to the Somerset County Jail”.   


With the dawn of 1917 it was decided to separate the duties of the borough clerk and the Chief of Police.  Mr. William F. Vosseller was appointed Police Chief on January 1, 1917. However his time in office was very short.  Later in the same borough council meeting, after returning from an adjournment, Councilman William F. Nash tendered his resignation which was immediately accepted.  The borough council then hired Mr. Nash as a police officer and appointed him “Chief to do patrol duty” for the salary of $ 85.00 per month.  Chief Nash quickly got to work.  On January 16, 1917 the first police headquarters was established on approval by the borough council to rent a room in the recorder’s office for $5 a month.   Officers also gained leave of two days per month in 1917.  They did not have a leave from duty prior to that time.


On July 29, 1931, tragedy struck the Bound Brook Police department.  Patrolman Samuel J. Krinney was on duty on his department motorcycle.  He was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident which occurred while he was pursuing a speeder.  He was taken to the Somerset Hospital in Somerville where he remained for three months before dying.  He is the only Bound Brook Officer to die in the line of duty. In 2015 a monument was erected at police headquarters in his honor, The Officer Samuel J. Krinney pocket park was dedicated on Main Street, and on May 13, 2015 his name was added to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial in Washington DC. 


On October 4, 1946 the Bound Brook Police Headquarters, now located in Borough Hall at 230 Hamilton St. was destroyed by fire.  The police department was then relocated to the public works garage which was renovated to be a “temporary” headquarters.  The department remained in those quarters until 1986 when the current municipal building was dedicated.


The new millennium has seen many upgrades for the force.  Technology has been implemented to include mobile data terminals, mobile digital video recorders, computer aided dispatch and records management systems, and even thermal imaging cameras for supervisors patrol vehicles.  Weaponry has also been enhanced with rifles and enhanced ballistics protection is always on patrol.  In 2016 updated General Orders were issued and made readily available via PowerDMS as the department moved towards its first ever attempt at accreditation under Chief Michael D. Jannone.  On March 9, 2017 the Bound Brook Police Department, at a Commissioners Meeting of the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Accreditation Program, was granted status as an Accredited Police Agency.