Alarm Registration Information

There is an Alarm Ordinance in Effect in Bound Brook

A major portion of this ordinance is that all alarms must be registered with the Police Department. An alarm registration form is listed to the right of this page, click on it and print it out.  We request that you complete this registration, in its entirety and return it to the Borough Clerks office. A fee of $15.00, payable to the Borough Clerk, must accompany this registration. Also, any changes to the registration must be reported within ten days.

Additionally, we ask Business Owners, that if you DO NOT have an alarm, please complete the registration and return it to Police Headquarters so that we have contact information in case of emergency.

Each year the Bound Brook Police Department responds to hundreds of alarm activations, most of which are either accidental activations or equipment failure issues. Without the alarm owner’s information on record we cannot make proper notification in the event of a problem.

Again, we request that you complete the Alarm Registration Form to the right,  and return it to:

Bound Brook Borough Clerk
230 Hamilton St.
Bound Brook, NJ 08805

If you have any questions, please contact Sgt. Brian Wertheim at (732) 356-0800 ext. 656. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.