Ratepayer Notice: COVID-19 Relief Measures



This notice announces relief measures for residential ratepayers experiencing economic hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please review this message in its entirety.  For more information on please visit the DCA website at https://nj.gov/dca/news/news/2022/approved/20220302.shtml or email jschneider@boundbrook-nj.org .



BE ADVISED that State law requires residential customers to be offered an installment plan for any water, sewer, and/or electric arrearages accruing between March 9, 2020 and March 15, 2022.  To maintain the installment plan, a residential customer must make timely payments on all current charges.  Sewer liens that were sold before January 1, 2022 cannot be included in the installment plan.



BE ADVISED that P.L. 2021, c. 317 prohibits local governments from charging residential customers interest, fees, or charges for late payment of water, sewer, and/or electric charges accruing between March 9, 2020 and March 15, 2022 until after March 15, 2022 at which time interest and penalties may begin to accrue.  This prohibition does not apply to sewer liens that were sold before January 1, 2022.  Late interest, fees or charges may be enforced against arrearages accruing before March 9, 2020 and after March 15, 2022.



The application period for the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Low Income Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is now open.  This federally funded program will provide financial assistance to low-income households to reduce the balances on their residential water and sewer bills.  LIHWAP will provide benefits directly to water and sewer service providers on behalf of residential customers.  The assistance can be used, in order of priority, to:

  • restore services where services have been terminated and pay reconnection fees and other charges accrued due to a disconnection;
  • avoid service disruption for those residential customers who are in danger of disconnection (i.e., received shut off notices or have past due balances) and to help them afford bill payment going forward; and
  • support those household customers who are current in their bills but might be in danger of falling behind in the near future.

Priority will also be given to families with elderly or disabled household members and/or with children under the age of five, no matter which category they fall into.

To be eligible for LIHWAP assistance, applicants must be water/sewer bill holders who are responsible for paying their water and sewer bills directly to the water/sewer provider.  Also, applicants’ total gross household income must be at or below 60% of the state median Income ($6,439 a month for a family of four).  The LIHWAP frequently asked questions webpage, available at https://njdca-housing.dynamics365portals.us/lihwapfaq has additional information about maximum income limits and other items.

Participants in the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) are automatically eligible for LIHWAP assistance so long as they are water/sewer bill holders.

People can apply online through the DCAid application portal at https://njdca-housing.dynamics365portals.us/en-US/dcaid-services/.

Those without computer or internet access can call 1-800-510-3102 to be directed to one of the community action agencies to assist them with starting, completing, and submitting an application online.


PSE&G Service disconnections for non-payment will resume on March 16, 2022. We urge you to check your bill and take immediate action if you have a past-due balance to avoid possible disconnection of your electric or gas service. You can view the revised Customer Bill of Rights, with translations available in multiple languages.​

PSE&G is prepared to work with each and every customer who reaches out for assistance to establish direct payment plans and/or assist with referrals to agencies to assist.

Need More Time to Pay?

A Deferred Payment Arrangement (DPA) allows you to pay your regular monthly payment, plus an amount toward your past-due balance.

Until March 15, PSE&G is offering DPAs with $0 down regardless of your payment history.

To make a DPA, visit pseg.com/MyAccount or call 800-357-2262. When asked, “What would you like help with today?” just say “payment arrangement.”


Need Help to Make Your Bills More Affordable or Concerned About a Large Past Due Balance?

Programs have expanded to help more households at higher income levels.

A family of four making up to $105,996 a year could now be eligible.

Forgiveness of past due balances is also available.


For more information or to apply, call 2-1-1, visit nj211.org/utility-assistance-programs or learn more about available programs below.  Determine your program eligibility by using this self-screener: https://njdca-housing.dynamics365portals.us/en-US/


Given the importance of personal hygiene in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, we have suspended billing-related service shutoffs. We will continue to evaluate this suspension period and remain in compliance with state orders. Late fees have been suspended until further notice.


Sometimes customers face circumstances that stretch their financial resources. New Jersey American Water is here to assist. Please give our Customer Service Center a call at 1-800-272-1325 and our customer service representatives will work with you on a plan to pay the balance of your bill over time. You may also be qualified to receive assistance through New Jersey American Water’s H2O Help to Others Program™, administered by New Jersey Shares. Learn more about the program and if you qualify here.