Located on the corner of West Main Street and Vosseller Avenue, this is the site of the Harris Tavern, the first hotel in Bound Brook, built in 1700.  During the American Revolutionary War it was known as the Middlebrook Hotel and was frequented during the first and second Middlebrook encampments by Continental Army Officers.  It was last known as the Fisher Hotel and was a stagecoach stop on the Old York Road. The building was demolished in the 1920’s.

West Main Street which passes through here was part of the Old York Road, connecting New York City to Philadelphia. The road was an important supply route for Continental troops during the Middlebrook encampments of 1777 and 1778-1779 and was a stagecoach route, the superhighway of its time, traveled by the Swift-Sure Stagecoach Line throughout the 19th century.



Sculpture: There, Now You Can Grow

“Paintings often celebrate very common and everyday pleasures, and ways in which people find themselves. This relates to my work as I am also saying stop and think, hey that’s worth celebrating. That’s worth commemorating in a sculpture.”- Seward Johnson



The Seward Johnson Atelier



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