The funding to create this park was endowed by the Billian Family Charitable Foundation as a gift to the citizens of Bound Brook.  The Billian family were German immigrants who arrived in Bound Brook about 1880, and three generations made their home here.   The Battle of Bound Brook Monument is located near the park entrance.  The Billian Family Foundation has generously funded Bound Brook Revitalization Partnership’s Movies in the Park program for the past few years.



Sculpture:  Yuck, Go Fetch

Man’s best friend is always loyal and yet sometimes needs extra encouragement. In Johnson’s “Celebrating the Familiar” sculpture Yuck, Go Fetch the Labrador retriever looks lovingly up at his owner and doesn’t even notice the bright red Frisbee several yards away. You can see the young man gesturing and explaining that the dog should go fetch, but the canine just gazes loyally back. The sculpture was cast in 1990 and has many fun details to discover, especially for animal lovers. The tongue is always irresistible to touch!



The Seward Johnson Atelier





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