Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) is a board of eleven residents and business owners who research and advise the Borough Council on matters related to economic development in Bound Brook. Since it was established in May 2007, the EDAC
  • developed a new sign ordinance, and an informational sign brochure for business owners;
  • collaborated with Regional Plan Association on the development of the Bound Brook Downtown Urban Design Plan, a  Transit Oriented Design Plan, for the downtown area.  The Plan was adopted into Bound Brook’s Master Plan and received a planning award from the Somerset County Planning Board in 2010;
  • made recommendations on revisions to the land use ordinance, including a new zoning ordinance for the Business/Residential Zone (downtown business district) adopted by the Council in 2014;
  • with a technical assistance grant from NJTPA, developed Bound Brook’s  Riverfront Access Plan for Pedestrians and Bicyclists, and is working to advance and implement the plan;
  • has promoted and assisted with community events in the downtown including the successful RiverFest street fairs that occur each fall;
  • designed ‘no littering’ signs for the downtown;
  • successfully advocated for re-establishment of the Special Improvement District in downtown Bound Brook, which occurred in 2014. The SID became active in 2015;
  • developed a Complete Streets resolution adopted by the Council;
  • obtained six bike racks through Somerset RideWise, installed on Main St. and Hamilton St. in 2015.
EDAC meets the third Wednesday of each month, 7:30 at Borough Hall in the meeting/lunchroom. Meetings are public. The Committee welcomes input from residents and is always looking for new associates and partners. Members are appointed by the Mayor. If you are interested in serving, please attend a meeting of EDAC to learn more about its activities.

2015 ANNUAL REPORT – Summary of Activities

  • Obtained bound and pdf final versions of Bound Brook’s Riverfront Access Plan for Pedestrians and Bicyclists from NJTPA after an extensive period of review by that agency. EDAC forwarded the Plan to Borough Council, which adopted a resolution of support that authorizes EDAC, in consultation with the Council, to work to implement the Plan. EDAC then forwarded the Riverfront Access Plan to the Planning Board, which adopted the document in Bound brook’s Master Plan in December. A representative of EDAC and Planner Carlos Rodrigues presented the Riverfront Access Plan to the Somerset County Planning Board (11/2015) and to the Somerset County Open Space Committee (12/2015) to cultivate their support for implementation.
  • Participated in RiverFest 2015 by soliciting community organizations to exhibit, and hosting EDAC tables at the event. Provided materials and spreadsheets from EDAC’s previous years of organizing RiverFest to the new downtown SID for reference/planning purposes.
  • Developed a Complete Streets resolution adopted by the Council.
  • Obtained six bike racks from Somerset County RideWise as result of promoting a Complete Streets resolution. The racks were installed in October by DPW, four on Hamilton St., and two on Main between Mountain Ave. and John St.
  • Assisted the SID in promoting/managing a Farmers Market as a weekly event on Hamilton Street (Saturdays) throughout the summer and early fall.
  • Developed a scrollable pdf version of the Welcome Packet, developed for Bound Brook in 2014 by EDAC, and delivered the file for posting on the Borough website. Updated summer 2015.
  • Participated in tree bed plantings in preparation for the SID’s Hot rods and Harleys Event in June.
Curt Schmidt
Kerry Miller
Maureen Hewett
Mike Allongo
Howard Wagner
Tom Guarracia
Christine Giamella
Robert Dixon
Sandra Cordova
Jessica Kucsera
Eric Horowitz
Council Liaison:
Anthony Pranzatelli
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The Borough of Bound Brook is seeking creative, business-minded individuals to serve on the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC). Borough Council established the committee to research and make recommendations for programs, policies, events, funding sources and other changes that will benefit the borough economically. Candidates should be positive, energetic, hands-on volunteers who are willing not only to discuss and recommend but to participate in new community projects and activities. Experience in business, marketing, economic development, grant-seeking, social media, event planning or legal affairs is desirable but not required.
     If you are interested in being considered as an EDAC candidate, contact the Borough Clerk Donna Marie Godleski at 732-356-0833 x 646 or send an email to Interested parties are invited to attend a regular meeting of the EDAC held the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm in the lunchroom at Borough Hall. These meetings are informal and open to the public. We look forward to meeting you!