Cultural Arts Committee (hereafter known as the “Committee”) was created to promote and encourage the expression and appreciation of the visual, literary and performing arts in Bound Brook by utilizing and cultivating the rich diversity of talent available both within and to Bound Brook.
The Committee shall:
A. Investigate, develop and recommend community initiatives encouraging expression and appreciation of the Arts in Bound Brook.
B. Promote initiatives and events encouraging expression and appreciation of the Arts in Bound Brook.
C. Establish relationships with private and non-profit organizations to further the expression and appreciation of the Arts.
D. Leverage Arts expression and appreciation to foster economic development and growth.
E. Maximize utilization of Bound Brook’s indigenous Arts resources, both institutional and individual.
F. Recommend public policy and legislative positions that serve to achieve the Mission.
The Committee will be made up of a Steering Committee and various sub-committees as named and designated by the Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee shall consist of up to 11 members.
The membership make up of the Committee and the Sub-Committees shall be determined by the by-laws.
The Committee will be meeting in the Meeting Room/Lunchroom at the Municipal Building on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm


Brian McCormack
Kelly Clark
Michael Allongo
Erica Restrepo
Kat Catalongo
Joan McCormack
Phil Fiadino
Bonnie Grub
Council Liason – Abel Gomez
January 15
February 19
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May 21
June 18
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September 17
October 15
November 19
December 17