Streets North of Union Avenue

Bulk Collection is complete for streets North of Union Avenue.


Streets South of Union Avenue

    • Please place your items at the curb Sunday, September 27, 2020 after 5pm. Public Works will pass each street once.
    • There is a limit of 10 items per household.
    • Once your items are collected, additional items may not be placed at the curb.

Please remember: Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic.


Any additional items placed at the curb will require stickers and will be collected with your normal garbage collection. Stickers can be purchased from the Finance Department.



What is considered bulk waste?

    • Couches
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Mattresses (must be wrapped in plastic)
    • Dressers/ closets
    • Rugs
    • Exercise equipment
    • Vanities


What is not accepted?


    • Hazardous Waste

      • Banned or outdated pesticides, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake fluids, wet-cell car batteries, motor oil (2-gallon maximum), used oil filters, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights, ammonia-based cleaners, gasoline, kerosene, mercury switches, mercury, fire extinguishers, used cooking oil, oil-based paints, pool chemicals, barbecue propane tanks and rechargeable and button-cell batteries.


    • Electronics

      • Computers, televisions and batteries.
      • Next Electronic Waste Drop-off event will occur Saturday, October 3rd. View all the details here.



Please call 732-356-0833 ext. 635 for additional information.

Betsy Ross Court

Cedarcrest Drive

Clearview Place

Crescent Drive

Helfin Street

Highland Place

Lawrence Road

Legion Court

Tea Street

Thomas Place

Thompson Avenue

Vosseller Avenue

West Maple Avenue

West Union Ave

William Street

Agnes Place

Betsy Ross Place

Carleton Street

Central Avenue

Cherry Avenue

Chestnut Street

Church Street

Crusader Way

East Maple Avenue

East Meadow Drive

Encampment Drive

Farm Lane

Hayward Street

Kensington Road

Marion Street

Marion Street

Metape Circle South/North/East/West

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North Meadow Drive

Piedmont Drive

Ross Lane

Schindler Lane

Schoolhouse Lane

South Meadow Drive

Wahnetah Drive

Washington Road

Washington Street

Watchung Road

West Maple Avenue

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Winsor Street

Bryant Court

Codrington Place

Dalay Place

Evergreen Avenue

Fisher Avenue

Grove Avenue

Hanken Road

Hardy Avenue

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Imlay Place

Kings Court

La Monte Avenue

Longwood Avenue

New Hampshire Lane

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